Cloud computing and networking related presentations can often require a more global theme. Simply showing routers, servers or network cables is not the most wonderful method of keeping your audience awake from what can be a lengthy technical presentation. Global Network PowerPoint Template is an animation packed presentation template for making presentations related to sales, marketing, networking and other related topics.

Global Network Animated PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template With Animated Globe

The template starts with an editable animated slide of a globe with lines moving across it. This animation can reflect a global network, connectivity, internet, etc. You can add your own text and a logo/image to customize this slide. To preview the animated slide with your added content, run the template in PowerPoint Slide Show mode.


Global Network PowerPoint Template

Diverse Slide Layouts

The template provides different types of slide layouts to give you a head start in making your presentation slides. You can also alter the order of the existing layouts to suit your needs or simply pick one which may be suitable for you. The different slide layouts include; picture, chart and image slides, as well as layouts with SmartArt graphics.

Three Picture Technology Layout

Technology Themed Images And Icons

The template offers many technology themed images and icons, particularly related to networking, as the template is meant to provide slides related to global networking. You can use the given clipart across new and existing slides to further enhance your content.


Networking Clipart And Images

The Global Network PowerPoint Template is available for PowerPoint and Keynote, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (Mac and iPad)

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Technology Layouts With Fresh Ideas

Global Network Animation For PowerPoint

If you would like to simply download the Global Network animation available in the first slide of the above template, you can download it in GIF, SWF or MOV format from the link given below.

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Global Network Animation