For presenters looking to make presentations about gardening, environmental conservation, the ecosystem, or sustainable development, a template with images of beautiful green plants can be quite a suitable fit. The Animated Garden PowerPoint Template is just the template for making presentations related to gardening, the environment and conservation.

Garden Image Layouts

The template provides collages with garden image layouts containing replaceable images. The title slide comes with an overlay that can be dragged a side to replace the background image beneath it. The next slide provides a collage of images which can be replaced with your own to create a garden or environment themed slide layout.


Creatively Designed Presentation Layouts

The template provides creatively crafted layouts that can help you present your topic with custom images pivotally placed within placeholders that can help make your content pop out. You can use this template for quickly creating presentations related to gardening and environment themed topics with the visual aid of refreshing images beautiful landscapes, green plants, flowers, etc.

Set of Animated and Static Layouts

This slide deck comes with a set of animated and static slides. You can choose between both types of layouts or mix them up according to need. The difference between the two is that the animated slides load with animations tied to each slide.


Your added content merges with these animations and reveals your content in a more eye-catching manner. However, should you want to discard the animations, you can simply use the static versions of the slides given in the template.

Slide sequence 1-8 in the template comes with animated slides, whereas slide 9-16 provides a static version of the same slides.

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