Animations that depict hope and mystery can help you make your conventional presentation topics more interesting and even help you make PowerPoint storyboards. The Fairy Rain animation by Presenter Media brings an interesting take towards making presentations.

This is a general purpose template and like the Light House PowerPoint Template, it has a touch of mystery to it. Like the Fairytale Animation reviewed earlier, you can even incorporate this animation for making Fairytale related presentations, such as when elaborating upon children’s’ stories.


Falling Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

The Fairy Rain animation is available in two versions, one is a complete PowerPoint presentation template and the other a video background. The PowerPoint template comes with a complete set of presentation slides with diverse layouts.

Animated falling fairy rain PowerPoint template

This Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template contains clipart, tables, charts and layouts for making comparisons, presenting bullet points, etc.

Fairy rain PowerPoint template

You can download this template with the falling Fairy Rain animation for PowerPoint and Keynote. For a complete list of compatibility, see the link below.


Go to Presenter Media – Animated Falling Fairy Rain PowerPoint Template

Falling fairy rain template for PowerPoint

Falling Fairy Rain Video Background Template

You can also download the Fairy Rain animation as a video template for PowerPoint or in popular video formats.

Fairy rain video background template

To customize the animation, go to the Presenter Media link given below and use the given customization settings to adjust the color, brightness and saturation of the animation. Once done, pick a format to download this animation in (PPTX, WMV, FLV or MOV).

Customize fairy rain animation

The image below shows a customized version of the Fairy Rain animation running in Windows Media Player. As mentioned earlier, you can also download this animation as a video file. This can help you use the animation for your personal projects, such as by adding it to a video by using a video editing tool.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Falling Fairy Rain Video Background Template

Fairy rain animation in blue