Automation, manufacturing and production processes usually are hard to cover in slides due to lack of quality templates that can help explain elaborate processes in simple layouts. Animated Factory Theme PowerPoint Template is the exception. This factory themed template provides animated slides with editable slide elements to help you create factory themed presentations.

Factory Themed Animations

This template contains a number of very useful layouts which can be used for not only depicting production processes but also to create infographics. You can edit the slides by adding text, images and rearranging objects to customize the given content. You can also copy elements to other slides to make slides that best suit your specific requirements.


Animated Factory Theme PowerPoint Template

Diverse Range of Industry Specific Layouts

There are slides with themes associated with warehouse management, assembly line, time management, gender roles, mechanization in the manufacturing industry, as well as slides suitable for making timelines and infographics.

Factory Theme for PowerPoint

There are a lot of slides which depict mechanization and the use of robotics. This can be quite useful for creating slides which discuss processes which are capital intensive and use modern machinery for efficient production.


Robotics Slide with a Factory Theme

Gender Roles in Industry

The slide on gender roles on industry can also help cover an important aspect associated with wage differences and gender based discrimination in the manufacturing industry. Such a slide can also be quite helpful for people working in the development sector or students studying International Development. Similarly, this slide can also be useful for creating infographics which might be used for a school project or even for professional use. You can extract the slide as an image from PowerPoint to convert the slide as a standalone image.

Gender Roles in Industry

You can download this factory themed slide deck in widescreen or standard orientation from the developer’s website.

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