Teaching can be a difficult profession. It can not only be hard to teach school children but even university students. In fact, teaching probably gets tougher as you teach older students. Thankfully, there are a number of ways we can make learning fun and intuitive using technology. Such as by using interesting teaching methods using PowerPoint Diagrams, interactive presentations or by using infographics. We have an animated educational infographics template for PowerPoint that can help create educational presentations in a way that makes presenting information easy.

Animated educational infographics template for PowerPoint

Create Custom Infographics in PowerPoint

Since this is an infographics template, you can make use of the various default layouts for making custom infographics. The sample slides provide pencil themed illustrations with various customizable layouts that are flexible enough to be used for a plethora of topics.


Pencil infographic slide

Timelines, Diagrams, Puzzle Infographics & Abstract Illustrations

With different handy layouts, you can create anything from custom diagrams, timelines and infographics to illustrations related to different concepts. For example, you can use the puzzle piece slide below to illustrate trends or an educational concept by adding text to each puzzle piece to create a custom illustration.

Pencil timeline slide

Create Animated Educational Slides

Making educational slides with this template is quite easy. You can add text and optionally, images, and preview the slides in Slide Show mode to see how your content has mixed with the default animations. Other than infographics, you can also use this template for presenting content in a conventional manner. Furthermore, you can change the colors of slide objects to customize the sample slides to match your topic.


Educational infographics

Each sample slide provides a unique, animated layout, which comes with text-boxes and editable objects which can be customized in a number of ways. You can even rearrange objects using drag and drop.

Create infographics in PowerPoint

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