When making a presentation about topics as complex as cybercrime, identity recognition and criminals, it can be hard to look impressive. However, with the help of the Identity Recognition PowerPoint Template you can easily create impressive slides on the aforementioned topics.

Face Recognition Video Animation

The opening slide of this PowerPoint presentation template provides an animation of a face recognition search looking for a criminal by searching files through a database.


identity recognition powerpoint template

This face recognition video animation comes with placeholders for adding your custom text and images to make this animation relevant to your presentation topic. This editable slide can be a good resource for starting your presentation with the aid of an impressive animation and to instantly grab the attention of your audience.

identity recognition animation

Crime Clipart Images

The template also provides many crime related clipart images which can be conveniently used to elaborate different aspects of your topic. Whether you are a lawyer, police officer, IT security expert or even a student, this template can help you create presentations related to crime with a professional outlook.

crime clipart images


Display Statistical Information in Style

By making use of the various editable charts you can also display statistical information in style, with the help of a well-crafted layout.

powerpoint editable pie chart

Diverse Layouts for Making Dynamic Presentation Slides

The template also provides various stylish layouts with SmartArt Graphics, comparison layouts and animations, which widens the scope for making dynamic presentation slides. All slides are easy to edit and can be conveniently manipulated with the aid of your own text and images to mould the available clipart and animations for reflecting your point of view.

smartart graphics with fingerprint image

This animated template is available for both PowerPoint and Keynote and you can use it with:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for and iPad and Mac

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