If you are engaged in the real estate market, you might want to create a presentation with all the details about the current trends in the housing market for your clients. This might include details about real estate value in different parts of the city and rent related information to make it easy for your clients to decide what rent and purchase decisions to make. Similarly, you might want such a template to elaborate upon a project’s potential or current cost, based on the value of real estate tied to the venture; be it rented or owned property.

Real Estate PowerPoint Template with Animations

Renting /Owning Infographics PowerPoint Template is an animated presentation deck which is perfect for making real estate related presentations. This animated real estate PowerPoint template gives a number of editable sample slides with creatively crafted layouts which can be used for rent and property purchase related topics.


Owning renting PowerPoint template

Use Infographics to Elaborate Important Points

Since this is an infographic template, you can create infographics using content from sample slides to better explain your topic. This can include interpretation of data, trends and other real estate dynamics you might be willing to explain in your presentation.

Animated real estate PowerPoint template design

List Down Property According to Value & Features

You can list down property according to its value, features and residential amenities to provide an easy to grasp visual picture before an audience; such as your clients.


List property

Make use of Clipart Images within Slides

The slides come with editable clipart objects which you can resize, recolor and even add/remove as per need. This can be helpful in making infographics, diagrams, charts and other types of elaborative slides to better present your available data using visual aids.

Real estate infographics

There is also a standalone slide which gives real estate icons that you can recolor and reuse across slides by copying them from the clipart slide.

Icons and clipart slide

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