If you work for a communications department of an organization or are a communication or network specialist, chances are you would need to present a few things every now and then. Depending on your line of work, you might need to present communication plans, computer network models or perhaps requirements for technology required to upgrade the organization. Animated Connectivity and Communication PowerPoint Template is meant to cover all those presentation needs.

Suitable for Making Communication Related Presentations

Whether you’re a communications specialist engaged in the development sector, working on human development or an IT professional, the template is right for you. Since this is a generic communication related presentation template, you can easily create custom diagrams, models and other required content. The elements in slides load with animations which adds visual appeal to slides.


animated connectivity and communication powerpoint template

While communication specialists working on human development projects require creating elaborate communication and media plans, IT professionals have a different requirement. The template can cater for all kinds of communication and network professionals. You can find this template useful whether you are working in a communications and media department, IT department, marketing department or need to create presentations related to business networking, sales and communication.

communication models and diagrams

Present Business and Marketing Models

This presentation template can also be used for presenting social media, market segmentation and other business specific topics. The diagrams are generic and easy to edit. This makes the template great for making presentations related to a wide array of topics.


business communication diagram

You can select PowerPoint objects to adjust content within the sample slides. New elements can be added or removed according to need to make the presentation deck more vibrant and specific to your needs.

communication diagram slide

The template is compatible with PowerPoint’s PC and Mac editions between PowerPoint 2007 to PowerPoint 2019.

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