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Animated Clouds Backgrounds For PowerPoint

We have been covering animated templates and video backgrounds over the years for our readers. Among the various template types and backgrounds we have been compiling templates related to business, science, nature, project management, etc. This time we have compiled a list of Animated Clouds Backgrounds for PowerPoint users.

Fly A Kite Animated PowerPoint Template

The Fly a Kite presentation template by Presenter Media is an animated template for PowerPoint with animated slides depicting flying kites. Whether you want to make a presentation of spring or summer festivities, children’s storyboards or anything that requires depicting a kite, this template is perfect for making an interesting blend of kite themed presentation […]

Cloud Computing Template For PowerPoint

Every internet user I somehow linked to cloud computing, be it the use of an email address or a cloud storage service, we are all constantly interacting in a cloud based environment. This is because technically, the internet itself is a cloud. When upgrading the infrastructure at your office or training employees at work, you […]