City landscape and silhouettes are used in various PowerPoint backgrounds to give an urban outlook to a presentation theme. Such a theme can be used for topics related to business, marketing, sales, real estate and a plethora of other topics; as a city landscape is often a symbolic theme for business and finance related presentations.

The Animated City Silhouette PowerPoint Template is one such template which comes with a clean, Modern design with a range of diverse slide layouts.


Animated city silhouette PowerPoint template

Add a Series of Points or Make Timelines

The initial few slides in this template give a series layout which loads in animated form. You can use these series slides for creating lists or representing timelines. Like other slides in this template, these series slides can be edited down to their colors and basic objects. You can add or remove slide objects and recolor slide elements to match your company logo or desired specifications.

Series slide in PowerPoint

Stylish Bar Chart Illustrations

The template provides different horizontal and vertical bar chart illustrations for you to interpret data. While these are not PowerPoint Charts, however, you can drag to adjust the bars and add text to describe trends in the form of chart illustrations. Of course, you can always add a new slide and also insert PowerPoint charts according to need. Needless to say, you can also recolor the bar charts using PowerPoint Drawing Tools.


Vertical bar chart with city landscape

Beautiful Day and Night Backgrounds

Unlike conventional templates this PowerPoint presentation template has multiple backgrounds with beautiful illustrations. The day and night backgrounds in particular are quite attractive and can help you add a touch of elegance to your slides. In fact, you can even use these backgrounds for making entire presentations by duplicating these slides.

Sunset PowerPoint background

Both the night and day slide backgrounds have two slides each. This includes a content slide and a series slide.

Night city sky PowerPoint background

This animated city themed slide deck can be downloaded for all recent versions of PowerPoint and Keynote.

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