A cycle is best illustrated in the form of a circular diagram where the sequence of events or a process is revealed in the form of a circular cycle. This might include a water cycle diagram, an illustration of a business process, as well as a diagram about the accounting cycle, production process, inventory management, etc.

Animated Circle Cycles PowerPoint Template gives editable cycle diagrams for making PowerPoint presentations with customizable diagrams, infographics and animations.


Animated circle cycles PowerPoint template

Cycle Diagrams for Illustrating any Process

You can illustrate any kind of process by customizing the sample diagrams. You can even replace the given images, recolor slide objects and drag them to create your own version of the sample diagram. Additionally, there are also placeholders for describing each part of the diagram and to add your own logo.

Circle cycle diagram for PowerPoint

Process Cycle Animations

The various animated sequences can help you make your slides more interesting by simply adding text and (optionally) by replacing the sample slide objects. These animated sequences not only reveal different parts of the diagram systematically but in some cases slide-in parts of the diagram onto the screen. The slide below has four segments, where each segment slides into view upon mouse-click.


Cycle diagrams for PowerPoint

These slides are represented in circular fashion, where upon mouse-click the slides rotate from slide 1 to downwards at slide 2, to the left to slide 3, and eventually upwards to slide 4. The animations in this slide sequence might remind you somewhat of the zooming UI of Prezi presentations.

Segment two of cycle diagram

Three to Eight Segment Diagrams

There are a variety of diagrams that you can choose from; ranging from small 3 part diagrams to eight part slide layouts. You might also be able to expand these layouts with more than eight segments with a bit of improvisation. However, the default layouts provide slides with three, four, five, six, seven and eight segments.


Cycle diagram template for PowerPoint

Icons Set for Presenters

There is also an icons set for presenters to use in their slides. As you can see from the image below, this icons set contains a plethora of handy symbols related to various topics.

Icons for cycle diagram

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