Business competitiveness is at the heart of a thriving industry. When the competition is fierce, it often becomes a race between businesses to gain control of more market share than the competition. Corporate Winners Circle is a competition themed template which can be used to depict this dilemma.

Competition Themed PowerPoint Template

This animated business competition PowerPoint template provides animated slides with illustrations of silhouettes of men and women dressed in formal attire, taking part in a race. You can use this template to depict business competition, competitiveness between employees at the workplace and topics like success, career and motivation.


Corporate winners circle template for PowerPoint

Business Silhouettes with Male and Female Characters

The business themed silhouettes depict both men and women in different settings. Many of the slides come with a clock illustration to signify the importance of time in competition.

Business silhouettes

Add, Move or Remove Entire Objects

Since the slides are customizable, you can add or remove entire slide objects. However, you should preview your slides in Slide Show mode to make sure that there are no discrepancies due to the default animations tied to revealing objects within slides.


Removable silhouettes and slide objects

Customizable Silhouettes with Tooltips

There are tooltips in slides to help you edit the customizable backgrounds and silhouettes. You can use various basic options from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu to change the color and overall appearance of default slide objects.

Change color of Silhouettes

Silhouette Clipart Slides

There are two slides with exclusive silhouettes for you to use across your presentation. These slides are identical, with the difference being that one of the slides depict the same characters holding a brief case.

In case you are interested in some flashy animations and HD video backgrounds to knock out the competition, you might like our list of Animated Competition PowerPoint Templates.

Silhouette clipart

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