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Animated Business Competition PowerPoint Template

Business competitiveness is at the heart of a thriving industry. When the competition is fierce, it often becomes a race between businesses to gain control of more market share than the competition. Corporate Winners Circle is a competition themed template which can be used to depict this dilemma.

Global Stance Animated PowerPoint Template

Global Stance is a standard business PowerPoint template with layouts that provide editable charts, diagrams, bulleted lists, etc. The title slide of the template depicts silhouettes dressed in formal dressing standing in the backdrop of a globe.

Best Places To Download Silhouette Art

Silhouette art is perhaps one of the most underused imagery when it comes to presentations, blog posts and other types of professional projects outside the realm of arts and entertainment. Silhouettes can be a powerful way of visually conveying a message to an audience and also to create diagrams, illustrations, comic strips, etc. We have […]