Sometimes, you just need a PowerPoint template that can help activate your imagination. The Animated Activate Your Imagination PowerPoint Template provides mind-bending layouts and animations to help you design presentations with a wow factor.

Wow experience PowerPoint template

Use of Mind-Bending Images and Animations

The template provides presenters with layouts that are uniquely crafted, with a mix of interesting animations that help their content stand out. You can replace the sample images or use the given mind-bending imagery that can be accommodated with a plethora of topics.


Animated activate your imagination powerpoint template

You can get ideas regarding how to make your content more engaging by reusing the sample slides with minor adjustments. The slide shown in the screenshot below gives an odd image that is also used in the background with some transparency. You can use this idea to add an eye-catching image and replace both the primary and background image to reflect your ideas in an abstract design.

Activate your imagination using creative layouts

Explain Your Ideas with the Help of Interesting Layouts

With the help of the various useful layouts, you can create infographics or lists or make simple comparisons with a background image that resonates with your presentation. There are also photo slides and slide layouts that enable you to place small images within containers to highlight them, as you move along your slides.


Create that wow experience

The template also makes good use of headings, with space for explaining your text in the form of small boxes below the main heading. This can help you present your main idea in the form of a main heading within a slide, followed by the additional explanatory text below the heading.

Activate the wow factor

To activate your imagination, head over to the developer’s website link below and download this and thousands of other animated PowerPoint templates and animations to delight your audience.

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