In today’s scenario, the concept of Business Model has become quite popular as it may convert new technology to economic value. When you are planning to design a new business, no doubt the model is likely to play an important role in it’s success. Thus, it becomes essential for you to choose from different types of Business Models, the one that works best for your company.

A Business Model is the way that an organization sells products to its customers and how does it make money. However, it may vary from one business to another since it can be very complex or simple.

Different Types of Business Models

There are a wide variety of Business Models that most companies fall into. Take a look and select the one that best suit your online business requirements and truly comprehend with your mission and vision:


Shopping Portal Business Model

In order to earn a profit, this business model works within the retailer’s or manufacturer’s terms of service. Mainly, it’s based on building up a site that attracts customers and persuades them to buy a product. There is no requirement to purchase inventory of products as it needs little start up cost.

Brokerage Business Model

Here, the broker acts as a facilitator to allow purchases between two parties.  For example: Online, you can find several auction websites that act as online business brokers for transactions. Using this model, business can be done over the internet very easily.

Landlord Business Model

This model is mainly chosen by the Landlord who owns a property and then rent it out. This is usually used by a mortgage firm who generate profits off the charged interest by lending money and sometimes, financial institutions use this Business Model.

Merchant Business Model

The merchant can easily sell products directly from an auction site or website. Further on, he/she can simply make a profit by placing an item higher in price. The merchant business model is mainly, used by wholesalers and retailers of digital products and consumer goods. Did you know that you can sell products online and earn free PayPal money? It’s true! With a little effort, you can start generating extra income by selling products through online marketplaces.


Creator Business Model

It has been found that mainly auto manufacturers employ this model and if you will use this Business Model, you have a full authority to sell whatever product you want to and can simply make a lot of revenue.

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The above mentioned are just some of the Business Models and many more you can explore with just a mere tap of finger.