PowerPoint 2010 has a nice feature that helps us to align text shapes horizontally or vertically. This feature can be very handy to align many shapes simultaneously keeping the same positions.

align text powerpoint

Imagine the following situation. We have a Porter’s Value Chain diagram in the PowerPoint slide and we want to align the following text shapes horizontally to the left.


how to align text ppt

Applying the align options in PowerPoint we can easily do this.

First, you need to select the shapes to align. Then go to Format and find the Align button. Once clicked, a new popup will be displayed. Here you can choose to:

  • Align Left. This will align the boxes to the shape which is further to the left.
  • Align Center. Will align the boxes to the center.
  • Align Right. This will align boxes to the shape that is further to the right.


Additionally, if you want to use the same spicing you can click on Distribute Vertically which will add the same spacing between the shapes.

Finally, we achieved the following result.

ppt template text align

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