Some teachers might want to engage students using interesting methods to ensure that everyone is fully engaged in the classroom. Moreover, as a teacher you might also want to look into ways to assess the competence of each student prior to a major exam. ActiVote is a clicker based audience response system that can be used for conducting quizzes, polls and other fun activities by allowing students to instantly answer questions using clicker devices.



Conduct Polls and Quizzes with Wireless Learner Response Devices

ActiVote can be used with Windows, Mac and certain Linux OS to create quizzes, polls and other interactive activities. ActiVote software comes with wireless learner response devices that your students can use for instantly responding to onscreen content.


Classroom Assessment in a Click

ActiVote makes it possible for teachers to instantly assess students by allowing them to answer an onscreen question with their wireless clickers. This can help the teacher assess the understanding of students and if need be, he/she can reteach or fine tune the study material to help students better understand the topic.



Initiate Classroom Engagement using Interactive Activities

ActiVote can help teachers conduct instant opinion polls or initiate debates in no time. this is because the wireless clickers provide students the means to instantly participate and contribute to a topic in a click. Such level of student engagement can help stimulate young minds, as well as to ensure that the teacher is able to keep everyone engaged and not yawning in the back during a lesson.


ActiVote Overview

The video below gives an overview of what ActiVote is and how it can be beneficial in the classroom.


How to Use ActiVote

Here is a video tutorial which shows how you can use ActiVote to generate content for your classroom lectures.

ActiVote brings the utility to instantly engage students, with endless possibilities regarding how you can enable students to contribute to a topic using the click of a button. Furthermore, since it is a cross-platform audience response system, you can use it across all major operating systems, be it a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

ActiVote is a product of Promethean, which offers everything from wireless clickers to interactive panels, tables and walls, as well as a number of presentation devices. For more details, see the link below to check out the Promethean website.

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