According to the US Public Health Service, business people spend the quarter of working life in business meetings. So, exercising the best etiquette shows professionalism, dignity and respect that goes a long way for building relationships.

In order to succeed in business, business meeting etiquette and networking plays a crucial role. Networking is an essential part of business, as it’s a desirable way to meet with people who work in your field. Not just this, it also helps in increasing your business revenue and gaining new customers.

3D Plate with Business People

Let’s discuss some business networking and meeting etiquette tips, to help you conduct yourself with professionalism and confidence:

  1. In business meetings, appearance matters the most. Your clothing must be ironed, clean and neat and also try to avoid the use of excess cologne or perfume.
  2. If you are critical and negative, you will not gain respect from any of the attendees. It would be recommended to bring your positive attitude and certainly you will be able to attain a lot of regard.
  3. Always be respectful of the other point of views. When you do speak something, make sure you stay on topic and before the meeting starts, plan the content you would have to say.
  4. Don’t be late when there is a time factor involved in a business related meeting or deadline for a project. Because, it shows that you have things more important than your clients or colleagues.
  5. No doubt, it’s quite difficult to live without emails, phone calls and text messages. However, when you are in a meeting it’s a good etiquette to leave everything outside the room and present an attitude that shows that the meeting is the most important thing on your agenda.
  6. It is desirable to not discuss the networking talk with those who were not in attendance. Until and unless the subject matter is of common knowledge.
  7. When it comes to your body language and posture. Keep your hands as still as possible and avoid doodling on your notepad. Also, sit straight on your chair with both feet crossed at the ankles.
  8. Avoid raising your voice. Just remember the basic etiquette you were taught in your childhood. They are: you’re welcome, thank you and please.

During network events, online presentations or even hybrid meetings, the above mentioned valuable tips can help you gain the right image before other people.