Unresponsive audience may frustrate you as keeping public attention is not an easy task to accomplish. Usually, listeners present their disinterest by looking at random objects, texting, sleeping and passing notes. When you have an important message to deliver that the audience needs to listen then certainly it can be irritating for you to maintain the concentration of viewers.

Methods to maintain audience concentration

With so much electronic competition, if you really want to give an effective Presentation, you need to grab the public attention from the beginning. Only then you will be able to become a good speaker. Here are some ways that will help you:


Remain focused:

If you stay on target, your audience is much more likely to stay with you. On the other hand, if you fail to be, your listeners would walk away. Therefore, it’s best to stick to your preparation and notes.

Have regular breaks:

At the risk of snoozing off, moving is the most efficient way of refreshing people and has a walk around. Thus, while you are giving Presentation suggest a micro break for 5 minutes.

Tell why they should listen to you:

From the point of view of speaker, assure your listeners that why they should hear to what you are conveying to them. If you are not able to do that, then don’t give Presentation at all.

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To hold the attention of viewers, share an unparalleled story that will surely complement your Presentation. So, do adopt this technique and you will be winner.


While delivering Presentation, try to do something which is unexpected or shocking. This is surely going to reengage the audience brain.


Give your group an exercise, pose a question or play a game that excites your audience. Give them a chance to learn something by the way of trial and error.

Confident attitude:

If you will struggle speaking in front of the public, certainly you won’t be able to give finest presentation, but if you have the zeal and confidence it will make a positive impression on your audience.

Maintain eye contact:

When listeners paying attention on you and you are not demonstrating true interest then it may become awkward for them to look at you.


During the Presentation, the more you will involve your senses like: touch, smell, taste and sight stronger it will generate the interest among people.


Undoubtedly, some funky talks may loosen up the audience as well as you. Do only if it’s appropriate, since not all talks call for humor. In the first few moments, you can share some thoughts with your audience.

To lift audience’s attention, good presenters would certainly follow the above mentioned methods that can make a huge positive difference!