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SWOT PowerPoint Template with Human Silhouette

SWOT PowerPoint Template with Human Silhouette
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SWOT PowerPoint Template with Human Silhouette is a free SWOT template that you can download and use to make presentations on SWOT analysis or SWOT presentations in PowerPoint. This free SWOT analysis PPT template is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint for marketing and business presentations.

You can use this free SWOT Template for PowerPoint to make presentations on business plans, corporate strategy as well as planning new products to be launched to the market and to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in any business venture or project. You can download SWOT analysis for MBA projects as well as other business needs or download free business PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.

SWOT template

This free SWOT template has two awesome slides that you can use to prepare SWOT presentations. The first slide has four businessmen silhouettes, for strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat.

In the second slide design you can find a creative SWOT analysis template design for presentations with 3D Boxes instead of silhouettes so you can prepare a different SWOT analysis slide. Each 3D Box contains one of the letters used to describe the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats so you and easily edit the descriptions below the boxes. Alternatively you can add the SWOT Analysis chart or download other free SWOT Analysis PowerPoint templates with creative graphics or use a Landscape Analysis, SWOT-landscape systematically deploys the relationships between overall objective and underlying SWOT-factors and provides an interactive, query-able 3D landscape.

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