Free Horizontal Process Funnel PowerPoint Template

Horizontal Process Funnel PowerPoint Template


Free horizontal Process funnel analysis template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations is an original and unique PPT presentation template with horizontal funnel diagram that you can use to make stunning marketing and business PowerPoint presentations. The free funnel analysis template for PowerPoint contains a unique diagram and funnel process design with colored bubbles and horizontal funnel created with shapes.

free funnel diagram template for powerpoint

Funnel Diagram and Process Flow in PowerPoint

You can download this free funnel analysis template for Microsoft PowerPoint to make effective sales funnel diagrams or marketing funnel diagrams for Microsoft PowerPoint as well as designing process flows in PowerPoint slides. Funnel diagram can also be used to represent a bottleneck situation in a business presentation or for decision making presentations. Other useful applications of this funnel diagram includes matching Supply with Demand slide designs, funnel analysis, bottleneck analysis, continuous flow and product oriented analysis.

The free horizontal funnel template contains four unique slide designs with different funnel states, including black and white funnel diagram and colored funnel diagram.

Horizontal Process Funnel PowerPoint Template

You can also use the specific funnel step colors to highlight a funnel step within the diagram. Each slide design can be edited and you can change the presentation title and steps title.

horizontal process powerpoint template

Alternatively you can download other free funnel analysis templates for Microsoft PowerPoint or sales funnel diagrams for presentations as well as free PowerPoint backgrounds and other free PowerPoint templates for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.

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