Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a hazard communication standard meant to provide details regarding hazardous materials. Also known as WHMIS, this system is the national hazard communication standard in Canada. The system provides various hazard classifications, with cautionary labeling, and safety data sheets. The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System PowerPoint Template can help presenters make presentations on WHMIS for training and informative purposes.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

The opening slide depicts various symbols tied to hazards, with a simple layout where you can add your title and optionally a subtitle. You can also add additional content such as a logo or clipart to make the title slide more meaningful.


whmis powerpoint template

The second slide can be helpful in introducing an audience to the concept of WHMIS. The slide gives an infographic like layout to help you explain the core concept of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.

what does whmis stand for

Hazard Classifications

You can then proceed to separating hazards according to physical and health hazards. This is also how WHMIS broadly categorizes hazards.


classification of physical and health hazards

In the slides that follow, various WHMIS labels are revealed. These labels can help you explain each hazard type in detail, along with information about labels that classify these hazards. The different labels in this template include; skull and crossbones, gas cylinder, flame and flame over circle, corrosion, exclamation mark, etc.

hazard labels

Responsibilities of Staff & Hazard Awareness

There are also slides that can help you enlist the duties and responsibilities of staff members, as well as to present a hazard precaution chart before your audience.

The basic elements of these slides have been laid out for presenters. You can build on the content of sample slides and add additional information according to need to make the charts more meaningful according to the specific organizational needs that you intend to address.

hazard chart

This WHMIS template also has a version for Keynote. You can download both PowerPoint and Keynote versions from the developer’s website.

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