Humor improves the temperament, it helps build better relations and people remember you for your wisecracks. But witty presentations is not an easy job, especially in the business environment where people have different mindsets and their attitude varies too. You will certainly not want to offend someone and bring trouble on yourself, not at least when you were trying to build better relations.

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Let us analyze some situations and methods, in which some tomfoolery and jesting can be helpful:

Education Presentation

If you are preparing a demonstration for teenagers or college going students, then don’t make the mistake of making it too informative. Either they are too well-informed or they might not  be interested in your long speeches and textually rich slide shows.

Make it interactive, add some funny videos, images and even funny facts. Even the dullest kid is interested in these things. Once they have laughed a little, they are certainly going to listen to your words. But you cannot let them down at this instance, make sure that you keep them entertained with your gaiety and lightness. Remember you can download free education PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for classroom and to be used in the school.

Social Presentation

Whether it is the Christmas or New Year Party; your best friend’s wedding or some official celebration, a funny presentation is always welcome; usually there is some jester in the group who takes over in these revelries. But here is your chance to introduce the twist.


Plan in advance and get the lights switched off suddenly, play some funny song or some video and then display your presentation skills with a collage of hilarious pictures, that you have collected or gathered from other sources. But make sure none of these are derogatory in any manner. You can even crack some jokes on yourself and others. When you start with yourself, it is then that people prepare to hear something about themselves. You can also download free social PowerPoint templates and backgrounds from this site.

Team Meetings

When they are members of your working team, you obviously share a good rapport with them; hence you know their peculiarities and mentality too. Start the presentation by sharing some light jokes and maybe some videos. And once everyone is comfortable, you can start with the actual demonstration.

Charlie Chaplin, the biggest comedian ever, taught us how to make fun of the situation, by making fun of yourself. Now if you are able to utilize this skill with perfection, then it is certainly going to help you in making a distinctive position for yourself, socially as well as professionally.