Gone are the days when having a website was only limited to large scale organizations. Today, it has become mandatory for even small and medium enterprises. Plenty of local businesses have started retailing their goods online by setting up virtual stores. However, there are a lot of websites that are deficient in personalized feel, which is utmost essential not only to engage your clients but even for converting them into potential leads.

Client engagement platform vCita

What is vCita?

vCita is a personalized web based platform for engaging clients via your website. This tool not only helps in grabbing the attention of your clients but also offers them an effective medium of communication with your company’s personnel, no matter what time is it of the day. vCita can be set up conveniently for a new, as well as any existing website.

The company’s website is transformed into an interactive platform with the help of vCita’s Live Site. Several options such as client appointment scheduling, file sharing options, online payment, personalized messages, customer self service options and many more become available to your clients visiting your website.

Increase sales with vCita

Setting Up vCita for Your Website

Setting up vCita is really free from hassles. You are simply required to open vCita website and click on “Start Now”. This will be followed by choosing your industry and profession from the list available in front of you. There is a huge list to choose from.

Once you have selected appropriate options, you will be prompted to choose suitable client engagement options that you are seeking to incorporate in your website. There are four options available that are as follows:

  • Set Appointments
  • Share Documents
  • Pay Online
  • Send Messages

Leading to this step, you will be required to sign up to create an account for which you need to provide your email address and the name of your business.

You can even take a glimpse at your website,as to how it will look like after integrating everything. For this, simply enter the URL and click Go. Finally, you will be asked to choose a platform with instructions to integrate vCita to your website. Every kind of major website platform such as Weebly, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Tumblr or WordPress are supported by vCita.

Plugins for vCita

To find out more about vCita, visit the link given below.

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