Free Statistics PowerPoint Templates

Download free Statistics PowerPoint slide designs and templates to use in presentations on Statistics and Maths. Free statistics PowerPoint templates can be used by statisticians and professors to prepare awesome slide designs for presentations.

Standard Bell Curve Template for PowerPoint

Standard Bell Curve Template for PowerPoint is a free PowerPoint template containing four unique slide designs with the standard Bell distribution curve. Standard Bell curve is one of the most popular distribution curves used in Statistics. ¬†Using this editable Bell slide design or Gaussian distribution you can represent a distribution in a PowerPoint slide for […]

Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint

Free Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint is a simple design for PowerPoint ¬†presentations that you can download to model a demand curve or yield curve with a downward slopping. Inside this free curve template for PowerPoint you can find two slide designs. The first one includes a nice downward sloping curve design with 5 […]

Deming Chain Reaction Diagram for PowerPoint

Deming Chain Reaction diagram for PowerPoint is a simple diagram that you can download for free from a model developed by Walter Shewhart. This idea was first applied for management to move away from thinking about quality as a desirable outcome and think about quality as a competitive strategy. For example, a product that is […]

Sankey Diagram for PowerPoint

Free Sankey Diagram for PowerPoint is a free editable template that you can download if you need to make a Sankey Diagram using Microsoft PowerPoint. This free editable Sankey template let you create Sankey Diagrams using shapes in PowerPoint. This PowerPoint template comes with instructions about how to change the width of the Sankey diagram. […]