Free Set PowerPoint Templates

Venn Diagram Social Value for PowerPoint

Free Venn Diagram Social Value for PowerPoint is a simple presentation design containing a Venn Diagram with a transparency style. This Venn Diagram is prepared for a presentation on a Social Enterprise, but you can easily adapt it and use it in any other presentation requiring a Venn diagram design to show the different sets […]

Creative Venn Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Free editable Venn Diagrams for PowerPoint presentations that were created with PowerPoint shapes. You can download this free Venn Diagram template for PowerPoint presentations to make awesome slide designs. Download free Venn Diagram template to prepare presentations for set theory showing union, intersection and other set operations. Venn diagrams for PowerPoint contains different colors and […]

Onion Diagram for PowerPoint

Free Onion Diagram for PowerPoint is a free presentation template and shapes that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Inside this presentation template you can find useful onion diagrams with concentric circles and variants of editable Venn Diagrams for Microsoft PowerPoint. There are many different slide layouts that you can use including circles or oval […]

Stacked Venn Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Free Stacked Venn Diagram Template for PowerPoint is a nice Venn Diagram design created with PPT shapes. You can easily edit this Venn Diagram to create awesome PowerPoint presentations with a free PowerPoint template. Venn diagram are widely used in probability, logic, statistics, Maths, linguistics and computer science. A Venn diagram or also known as a set diagram, […]

Simple Venn Diagram Template for PowerPoint

We already discussed how to make Venn Diagram for PowerPoint presentations using SmartArt. However, sometimes it may be easier to copy and paste a ready-made Venn Diagram template prepared for PowerPoint presentations and edit the text inside the diagram. For this purpose, we have created this simple Venn Diagram PowerPoint template that you can download […]