House Chart Diagram for PowerPoint

Free House Chart Diagram for PowerPoint is a simple PPT template with a house chart design that you can use as a diagram for your PowerPoint presentations. This kind of house chart diagram can be helpful to model a system architecture or any other architecture or structure where you need to have multiple levels. In […]

Business Running Silhouettes PowerPoint Template

Free Business Running Silhouettes PowerPoint template is a simple but useful template for business PowerPoint presentations with awesome business silhouettes created with PowerPoint shapes. You can download free business silhouettes for PowerPoint as business shapes ready to be used in your professional presentations. Using shapes and business silhouettes you can create stunning and catchy slides […]

OAR Model Organizational Learning PowerPoint Template

The OAR Model is an organizational learning model that you can use in combination of the Objectives, Activities, Resources (OAR) concepts and provides a solid analysis foundation. Based on the detailed description about OAR model from this blog, we have created this OAR model diagram for PowerPoint so you can create presentations in PowerPoint to […]

3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template

This free 3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template is a free single slide template that you can download to use the triangle diagram in your own PowerPoint presentations on strategy using the 3C’s model. What is the 3C’s model? The 3C’s Model is a business model that you can find in business books but also commented […]

Six Hats PowerPoint Template

Free Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint template is a free PPT template created to make presentations on problem solving using the De Bono 6 Thinking Hats model. You can use this approach to make presentations on creative thinking. Dr. Edward de Bono is a world-known expert in creative thinking. He is author of many papers and […]