Free PowerPoint Templates   Michael Porter

Free Michael Porter PowerPoint Templates

Download free Michael Porter PowerPoint diagrams and templates for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations including awesome Porter's value chain diagrams as well as other useful diagrams like the Porter five forces template for PowerPoint or slide designs for presentations about Cost Advantage or Differentiation.

Value Chain Chart Template for PowerPoint

Free Value Chain Chart Template for PowerPoint is a nice value chain chart design created with PowerPoint shapes that you can use to model the Porter’s Value Chain using PowerPoint.

Value Chain Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Very creative timeline design and value chain chart for Value Chain Analysis presentations that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can combine this template with Porter’s Value Chain template for Microsoft PowerPoint that we have published earlier (see free Porter Value Chain PowerPoint template). This slide inside the Value Chain template contains a […]

Porter’s Five Forces Diagram with Petals for PowerPoint

Free Porter’s Five Forces Diagram with Petals for PowerPoint is an awesome representation of the popular Porter’s Five Forces diagram used in Porter Five Forces analysis. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development. You can download this template with an original representation of the popular Micahel Porter’s Five Forces diagram […]

Porter’s Five Generic Competitive Strategies PowerPoint Template

Michael Porter’s Five Generic Competitive Strategies is a free PPT Template with a unique slide design containing the Five Generic Competitive Strategies by Porter. You can download this free PPT template to prepare awesome business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint or to be used for educational purposes in business schools and MBA. You can free download […]

Value Chain PowerPoint Template

Download free Value Chain PowerPoint template and background for presentations on value chain and supply management presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Porter’s value chain is a chain of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market. You can download this awesome value chain […]