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Free Curve PowerPoint Templates

Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template

Hockey Stick PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template containing different types of Hockey Stick shapes. These shapes can be used to model a presentation where we need to present a startup growth following the hockey-stick shape. As we did with other curved shapes, like the s-shape curve, j-shaped curve, or the l-shaped curve, in […]

Flattening the Curve PowerPoint Template

Flattening the curve PowerPoint template is a presentation design featuring the curve of Healthcare System capacity that became popular in 2020 due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease, declared Pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). This editable version of the Healthcare System Capacity curve can be downloaded and used for free to explain the importance of […]

Product Life Cycle Curve for PowerPoint

Free Product Life Cycle Curve for PowerPoint is a free curve design for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.¬†Previously we have published a free product lifecycle PowerPoint template¬†with blue background. This is an updated presentation template with a simplified curve and text boxes that you can use to model a lifecycle process and curve in a […]

Gartner Hype Curve Template for PowerPoint

Free Gartner Hype Cycle template is a nice presentation template with Gartner Hype Curve that you can download to make presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. This presentation template contains three unique slide designs with a curve style that you can edit and adjust using the PowerPoint shape options. As you can see in the figure below, […]

Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint

Free Downward Sloping Curve Template for PowerPoint is a simple design for PowerPoint ¬†presentations that you can download to model a demand curve or yield curve with a downward slopping. Inside this free curve template for PowerPoint you can find two slide designs. The first one includes a nice downward sloping curve design with 5 […]