J-Curve PowerPoint Template

J-Curve PowerPoint Template is a nice presentation chart template with a J-shaped diagram that you can edit to make a curve in PowerPoint with the J-Curve effect. J-Curve is widely used in several different fields to refer a situation where a curve initially falls but then rises to higher than the starting point. This is […]

Line Chart PowerPoint Template

Free Line Chart PowerPoint Template is a nice concept of line chart to make presentations and comparison slide designs in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Inside this free PowerPoint template for graphics & chart comparison you can find two slide designs with a line chart concept ready to be used in your presentations. There are […]

Inverted U-Curve PowerPoint Template

Free Inverted U-Curve PowerPoint template for presentations. You can download this free U-curve PowerPoint presentation template to model a U-shaped distribution or┬áKuznets Curve. U-shaped distribution example: Download free Inverted U-shaped curve to make presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.  

U-Curve PowerPoint Template

Free U-Curve PowerPoint Template is a simple chart shape & PowerPoint template that you can download to make a nice U-curve graphic in PowerPoint. You can download this free U-curve style PowerPoint presentation to model a U-curve You can use this same U-curve design to make an inverted U-curve or┬áKuznets curve. Kuznets curve is the […]

S-Curve PowerPoint Template

Editable S-Curve PowerPoint Template Inside this S-Curve template for PowerPoint you can find different slide designs with S-curve style.