It has been noticed that people travel a lot and feel that managing their expenses is a bit tedious, which actually is not. Whether you are travelling for business or any other purpose, there are times when you need to manage your finances. So to facilitate you, various applications, which can be used in a Smartphone, have been developed and launched and can help you out to perform such functions conveniently.

Top 5 apps for managing finances on smartphones

Here are the top 5 applications to manage finances using a Smartphone:

Cashbook Expense Tracker

It is one of the highly used applications by Android users to accomplish the purpose of managing finances on the go. Cashbook Expense Tracker is designed exclusively for the ones who are always in need of various advanced features and robust options. It is not a freeware and the user needs to pay via credit card or other payment option to download this app. Moreover, Cashbook app also incorporates a useful feature with which the user can export the report to various services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Gmail too as Quicken, HTML or CSV file.

Expense Manager

This app is also for the Android users and comprises of a variety of fields. The user can even add new incomes and expenses in its menu apart from the default ones. The application, by default, offers you with a list of generally used category of items and vendors that you can select. Moreover, you can also add new category to the list for your convenience. Expense Manager can even be used as a widget.


This application comes next on the list of top 5 expense finance management applications. It offers intuitive and user friendly interface that can record both income and expenditure. Expenditure app also incorporates a currency convertor for your convenience and it proves to be really helpful exclusively for business travelers. The user can view the remaining funds on the home screen itself, which makes the workability much faster.


Expensify can be used in different operating systems whether it is Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone or Palm. It boasts an optional feature OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can also be used to read and input the name of the merchant, the amount and date of the transaction apart from entering it manually. Credit cards from a number of leading, regional and smaller banks are accepted by this app. In case you want this application to add your card, if not in the list, the user is required to initially register an online ID and password.

Hello Expense

This application is available only for Android users that can be downloaded for free and is proficient enough to track and manage your finances on the go. Hello Expense is a very simple form loaded with various fields to fill in as per your requirements. You can even personalize that form by adding any missing fields of your choice. This app also features exporting records to any other platform whether it is a physical storage device or the cloud.