Black background designs in presentations can help presenters to make their content stand out amidst the blank background. Black PowerPoint templates are quite popular and many people prefer using them for their simplicity. The New Black PowerPoint Template is a black PowerPoint template with animated backgrounds for making diagrams, infographics and more.

the new black powerpoint template


Change Presentation Slides by Replacing Slide Elements

You will find a number of instructions in the form of tooltips to help you replace the default images, colors and other content. The template is editable enough to allow a major redesign of the default sample slides. You can follow the simple instructions given with the template to make the most out of the animated sample slides.

black powerpoint template

Generic Diagrams and Infographics

this template comes with a lot of generic diagrams and infographic slides. You can edit these slides to present data, trends and analytics. These slides come with colorful slide elements that you can even recolor according to need.

geneirc diagram


The eye-catching, colorful slide objects make the default diagrams and infographics stand out amidst the black background. This can allow you to highlight key elements of your presentation with the visual aid of various colors.

black background and colorful diagram

Icons for a Variety of Topics

The template also offers an icons library with generic icons that can be used for a variety of topics. You can copy these icons in your slides, as well as resize to enlarge them or recolor them to adjust them in your slides as needed.

Whether your presentation is about technology, science, history, real estate or any other topic, you can make use of these icons to design slides using your own creative ideas.

icons for every topic

This animated presentation template is available for PowerPoint and Keynote. You can download the template in Widescreen or Standard orientations from the Presenter Media website links given below.

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