A leader is the one who has ability to motivate a particular group towards a certain goal. Leadership is actually the driving force of any organization and ultimately capable enough to bring transformation which is sure to benefit the business and employees as well. There are different Leadership Styles that leaders use with their employees to achieve goals within a stipulated time.

Implementation of Leadership Styles

For an organization to be successful and prosper in future, no doubt the leader has to think out of the box and this can only be possible if there is an Effective Implementation of Leadership Styles. Take a look:


To get the work done in a timely way, transactional leaders bend towards the procedures of a company. They are autocratic in their decision making and this is the main reason they punish employees for their deviations and also don’t hesitate to give reward for their good work.



This leadership Style is particularly effective when the leaders are trying to reinstate their trust in the company. They expect the employees to contribute in the decision making process and try to seek inputs from them. Thus, it can be said that Affiliative leaders like to work in a team environment and truly value the skills and talent of their workforce.


Whether you are a manager of team or the owner of an organization, you should nurture your team by bringing positive behaviors and setting attainable goals. This is one of the best types of Leadership Style that every company must execute as it encourages innovative thinking among team members and direct them towards business growth.


If the corporate culture of any organization demands a spectacular shift, then certainly these type of leaders capable enough to bring out the best in employees. Since, they are highly inspirational and energetic and love to take care of people. Further on, it helps in achieving the desired results of a company.


When it comes to talk about this leadership style, a situational leader very well understand the current work related concerns and provide the best possible solution. In this style, according to the situation the manager selects the suitable style that goes very well with the given current circumstance and shows the ability to switch between the strategies.


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Undoubtedly, the secret behind the success stories of various large, medium and small enterprises is the effective implementation of leadership styles.