Deadlines are important for students, people who work professionally, as well as when one makes a commitment informally. The Deadline Animated PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which provides animations depicting time. This template can be used for creating presentations about deadlines, time management, hard work, project management, timelines and decision making, punctuality, and the like.

Start Your Presentations with a Clock Animation

You can introduce your topic by using the blue and red text on the opening slide. This slide also has an animation of a moving clock which adds some color to the presentation’s title slide.


The Deadline Animated PowerPoint Template

Clocks, Stop Watches & Hourglasses

There is symbolism related to time throughout the presentation template. You will see illustrations depicting a calendar, gold coins representing time as money, hourglasses, stop watches and more. Using the sample content you can even create your very own time related infographics.

Calendar Illustration

The creatively fashioned slides provide quite interesting illustrations that can help you design anything from simple content slides to lists, comparisons, diagrams, infographics, and insert charts in slides that are attention grabbing by default. You can also preview all slides from the developer’s website.


Time Infographic Slide

The pre-defined animations in slides allow you to freely insert content by replacing sample text and images. Everything you add to slides will play out with the pre-defined animations. This can help you create professional looking presentations without the need to manually design elaborate layouts.

Time is Important

Use the Symbolism in Animated Illustrations

The slides have some creatively inserted content that can have symbolism for your subtopics. For example, the illustration of a man running away with a clock or clocks falling off a cliff can be symbolized as waste of time or loss of valuable time.

Time is Money Clipart

This animated template works with all PowerPoint versions for Mac and Windows released in the past decade.

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