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Animated Gauges And Pipes PowerPoint Template

Some presentation templates provide unique layouts for depicting diagrams, process charts and infographics. The Animated Gauges and Pipes PowerPoint Template is one such template. With pipe and gauge themed illustrations, this animated template provides various handy layouts for making PowerPoint slides in style.

Animated Tipping Scales PowerPoint Template

Nothing defines the judicial system symbolically than an image of tipping scales. Tipping scales have been symbolically tied to topics like law, justice, arbitration and judgment for as long as any of us can remember. Scales are also used for topics like fair treatment, measurement, size, physics, etc. The Scales Toolkit is a presentation template […]

Animated Gauge Diagrams For PowerPoint

Gauge or meter diagrams are handy for giving your audience an instant impression about a specific topic, be it a positive or negative impression. For example, a gauge that shows the arrow tilting towards the left can be a sign of bad performance and vice versa. But having a standalone gauge illustration isn’t necessarily enough […]

Gauge ToolKit Provides Animated Gauges For PowerPoint Presentations

The use of animated graphics in PowerPoint presentations can make your slides extremely eye-catching. Sometimes presentations require a demonstration of a subject using animated graphics like gauges. The Gauge Toolkit by Presenter Media comes with many customizable gauges, dials and meters. You can easily customize these gauges and use the slides for your PowerPoint presentations.