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Animated Funnel Diagrams For PowerPoint

One of the most commonly used sales process diagram type is the funnel diagram. It is a stacked diagram which contains multiple layers of the funnel, each depicting a part of the complete process. If you’re looking for funnel diagrams for PowerPoint, you might want to check out the Funnel Blocks Template for PowerPoint. This […]

Animated Flowchart Funnel Diagrams For PowerPoint

Flowcharts require specific symbols to demonstrate a process, whereas a funnel diagram is most commonly used for depicting the different stages for a sales process and the forecast for revenue that can be acquired from it. The Flow Chart Funnel Template for PowerPoint brings together the best of both worlds by giving an animated template […]

Animated Funnel Diagrams Template For PowerPoint

Sales and marketing related presentations might require a funnel diagram to depict sales processes, lead generation, etc. The Animated Funnel Diagrams Template for PowerPoint provides animated slides with 3D sample diagrams which can help create professional sales diagrams by simply labeling the sample slides.

Free Sales Pipes Templates for Excel 2013

If you need to make a funnel chart template for PowerPoint presentations or Excel then this free simple template for Excel 2013 can be very helpful. This is a free sales pipes template that you can download to visually show how many of your leads turn into sales. The sales funnel chart template can easily be […]