We have previously covered a number of Halloween presentation templates for PowerPoint for PC and Mac. Like each year, we have another animated Halloween PowerPoint template for you titled, Spookfest. With the Spookfest Autumn Halloween PowerPoint Template you get autumn and Halloween themed slides with attractive graphics and animated layouts.

Bats, Cauldron, Black Cat, Skull and the Cloudy Autumn Sky

The opening slide reveals all the major clipart images in the template along with space for adding text. These clipart images depict a black cat, skull, bats, full moon amidst the cloudy sky, and a cauldron.


Spookfest autumn Halloween PowerPoint template

There are a number of animated sample slides that can be used for making your Halloween presentations spooky! The clipart in these slides is replaceable and can be even copied around. You can edit the slides to create layouts best suited for your presentation. This template can be used for professional use, school presentations, and also PowerPoint storyboards.

Flying bats, webs, full moon and black cat animation for PowerPoint

Variety of Halloween Themed Layouts

In this template, you can find slides which come with more space for adding text, as well as slides with layouts that allow adding more clipart and images and less text. These layouts come with animations set in a sequence within the sample slides which can also be edited by the presenter.


Bats animation for Halloween

Spookfest Halloween Clipart

The Halloween clipart in this template can be easily copied for reuse. You can also change its colors, size, or shape within PowerPoint. The clipart is high-quality and does not pixelate easily, making it quite handy.

Spookfest Halloween clipart

To download this and a wide variety of other Halloween themed presentation templates, head over to the PresenterMedia website. You might also be interested in checking out our series of reviews for Halloween PowerPoint Templates with animations and editable slide layouts.

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