SlideModel is one of the top presentation templates providers available in the market, fully dedicated to provide their customers with an accessible platform where they can prepare high quality PowerPoint presentations with ease. Business software review site CompareCamp reaffirmed the success in this endeavor by distinguishing SlideModel with industry recognitions, including the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 awards.

In evaluating SlideModel, CompareCamp took interest in our platform’s premium usability. Having a “broad range of presentation templates” that are easily editable and can be deployed on multiple office systems such as Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Google Slides and other platforms is one of the highlighted strengths, stated by the review team. 

CompareCamp also commended SlideModel for streamlining and accelerating one’s processes for creating engaging and “stunning presentations.” Furthermore, they reaffirmed that even novices, or those with little to no design skills, are able to easily execute advanced editing techniques to create custom, rich presentations and visualizations.

We want to thank you both, a big thank you to the software experts for giving SlideModel a glowing recommendation and a recognition from SlideHunter to SlideModel for its big success since 2013. Please head to their website to read more CompareCamp reviews.