Sometimes when a business runs into trouble, saving it from failure is like shielding it from fire. Shielded from Fire Custom Text Video Animation for PowerPoint is a template which can be customized using your own text within the animation. The PowerPoint animation depicts a shield facing fire, with space for adding text or an image that can be placed behind the shield to show as if the shield is protecting it from fire.

Shielding from fire animation with custom text


Add Custom Text & Images to the PowerPoint Animation

Before you can download this shielding from fire video background template, make sure you add your custom text by using the given editing options on the developer’s page. You can also add your own images or a company logo. The text on the right is depicted as being protected from fire. You can even replace this text with an image. once you have customized the content, you can choose to download this animation as a PowerPoint or video file via the Sample & Download Options section on the product page.

Shielding from fire video animation for PowerPoint

The below image shows the animation running in PowerPoint. We added custom text to this animation. The text on the right is being protected by the shield which is facing fire to shield the custom text.

Shielding text from fire animation


Similarly, we replaced the text on the right with an image to demonstrate how you can make interesting animated slides using this custom text animation. There are a number of options for customizing this animation on the product page, which can enable you to use your creativity for generating slides with custom branding tied to this awesome shield animation.

Shielded from fire video background

Once the animation concludes, your custom text (or logo) will appear on the shield as it turns towards the front of the screen.

Custom text video background

You can see a complete preview of this video animation before downloading it from the developer’s website.

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