One of the most annoying aspects of even the most famous cloud storage services is the slow upload rate. Moreover, the file sharing options in cloud storage services are sometimes not instantly viewable and require going through convoluted menus. is a web service which provides lightning fast file upload and an extremely convenient, yet simple web interface for uploading, organizing and sharing your files online, with 100GB free file storage.


Quick File Upload With A Clean Web Interface

While Shared.Com does not offer a desktop or mobile application like Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync or Google Drive, it has a very impressive web interface which makes it possible to upload files and to organize them in different folders. Using a Shared.Com account you can share anything from videos, music, PowerPoint Presentations to any other type of file, by dragging it to the Shared.Com interface.

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Share And Organize Files Online

Once a file has been uploaded, the user is provided with the option to instantly share the file online via direct link, HTML Code, BB Code, Email and Social Media sharing buttons. Such easy file sharing options are usually only provided by image sharing websites and is quite rare for conventional file storage services, especially the availability of a BB Code (Bulletin Board Code) and Embed Code.

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All uploaded files are displayed in a clean web interface and users can create custom folders to organize their files. The option to share, edit, download and delete files  can be revealed on mouse hover (as shown below).


Organize Files Online

You can also click a file to download or share it from anywhere, anytime, using any internet connected device like a PC, Mac, Android or iPhone (via an internet browser).

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Shared.Com Introductory Video

To get an overview of Shared.Com See the developer’s introductory video given below.

While is a free service, you can get more than 100GB cloud storage by upgrading to paid plans for 1TB or unlimited file storage.

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