The Red Carpet PowerPoint Template is an animated presentation template which can be the perfect slide set for seminars, award ceremonies, celebrations and corporate events. The template features a red carpet theme throughout all sample slides, with camera flash animations.

Animated Red Carpet Slide Layouts

The title slide shows a red carpet with camera flashes in the backdrop. You can add a title, sub-title and even a brand or company logo to this PowerPoint slide to start your presentation or slide show.


Red carpet template for PowerPoint

Static and Animated Slide Layouts

With a range of sample slides, you can add your content and present it using creative layouts. The common theme in all slides is the red carpet, with scope for adding your own clipart, charts, tables, diagrams, avatars, etc.

The template features static and animated layouts for slides, which can help you create not only animated presentations but also static ones. You can also mix animated and static layouts to suit your needs.

Red carpet animated slide


Flexible, Multipurpose Slide Designs

The below slide for example, can be used in a number of ways, such as to show award nominees with avatars in each placeholder, to create a comparison slide, to present performance metrics for a quarter, to showcase team members from a department, etc.

Red carpet comparison slide

Similarly, you can use this sample chart layout to create your own custom charts for depicting important information. The slide objects in each slide are adjustable, which makes it possible to rearrange them easily, as well as to copy or remove items.

If you are using animated layouts, do make sure that you run them as a Slide Show to preview the animations. This is to make sure that none of your added content overlaps or appears out of place when running your slides before an audience.

Red carpet template chart slide

This animated red carpet themed template is available for Keynote and PowerPoint in Widescreen and Standard editions.

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