Social distancing and caution are the most important elements for preventing the spread of the modern pandemic. Proceed with Caution COVID 19 PowerPoint Template gives presentation slides related to the Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19. This is an animated PowerPoint template with editable objects and easy to transform slides for presentations about caution, COVID 19 and other Coronaviruses.

Animated COVID 19 PowerPoint Template

The presentation deck depicts the Novel Coronavirus beneath sample text, followed by a group of figures standing in a line. Among these figures one is highlighted in red, which is symbolic for an infected individual among a group of people. These animated COVID 19 slides allow you to present your desired information in the form of infographic like elements loading in a set sequence.


covid 19 powerpoint template

You can change the sample images within slides and edit the sample text to give a narrative to your slides about social distancing, COVID 19, quarantine, post quarantine precautions, etc.

coronavirus powerpoint template slide

Suitable for Presentations About COVID 19 and Pandemics

Since COVID 19 might not be the end of social distancing and the way people interact in the future, the presentation deck can be useful for not only COVID 19 presentations but also about other global pandemics and required precautions to avoid them in the future.


The illustration of masked wearing figures, with one infected individual can help you deliver a meaningful presentation about the need for taking the Coronavirus seriously. Since there are many dangers associated with the lax attitude of some people still not convinced about the dangers of the virus. Therefore, the slide deck can be a good way of educating people regarding how contagious the virus can be.

social distancing and covid 19

The template also gives infographic style COVID 19 content slides, with illustrations and sample text to create a step by step guide for explaining about the spread, treatment and causes of COVID 19.

stop covid 19

You can also make use of the concluding slide with police tape with the term ‘stop’ mentioned on it. This can be a good slide to conclude your presentation with the message to collectively work to stop the spread of COVID 19.

stop spread of covid 19

There are 10 slides in this Coronavirus themed presentation template. You can also duplicate to extend slides according to need and copy the high-quality slide elements to create new slides.

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