For a success, career or business themed presentation, nothing works like a motivational slide. And the best way to make a motivational slide is to come up with eye-catching content.

Animated Driving Towards Success PowerPoint Template

This animated PowerPoint Template shows a car driving on a road leading to success. As the content of this animated template is generic and comes with a bunch of placeholders, you can customize the given video slide to create presentations on a variety of interesting topics, or to simply make your dull topics interesting. The opening slide of this template offers a PowerPoint video animation of a car driving on a road, followed by slides with diverse presentation layouts.

driving towards success powerpoint template

The template provides more than a dozen editable slides with charts, clipart and vibrant slide layouts, to help you craft animated slides, quickly and easily. This template is available for:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote 09 for Mac and iPad

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animated success themed template

Driving To Success Animation With Custom Text

The animation shown in the opening slide of the above mentioned template is also available as a standalone video slide for Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as a video animation that can be downloaded in Windows Media Video, Flash or Apple’s QuickTime format. Furthermore, you can add custom text to add your desired content to the sign boards shown in the animation.

To customize the animation, head over to the Presenter Media website and enter your desired text in the given text boxes (as shown below).

driving to success demo slide for slide hunter

The below screenshot shows a customized PPTX version of the driving to success animation.


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driving to success animation

Earth Friendly Car Clipart

This clipart is another presentation resource that can help you create presentations on topics like business, success, environment, etc. This clipart is available in the following image formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG

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Earth friendly car clipart presentation design

You can use this presentation template for a variety of business purposes or personal projects, including career development, personal goals.