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Six Hats PowerPoint Template

Six Hats PowerPoint Template



Free Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint template is a free PPT template created to make presentations on problem solving using the De Bono 6 Thinking Hats model. You can use this approach to make presentations on creative thinking. Dr. Edward de Bono is a world-known expert in creative thinking. He is author of many papers and books introducing the technique for facilitating creative and productive thinking in the workplace. Moreover, the six thinking hats approach is a topic in MBA and Business Schools. It is also a chapter in many multinational corporations and indeed governments of countries that have been using this model to promote more effective creative thinking and decision making.

How you can use this free six hats PowerPoint template? Basically you can consider to wear one hat at a time when considering a problem. It is metaphorical, of course. Basically, at any time everyone in the group or team will wear a hat and this will help you to think of a problem at hand from only one perspective which is indicated by the hat color.

six hats powerpoint

Using the 6 Thinking Hats PowerPoint template.

Here is a brief introduction about how to interpret each of the DeBono’ six hats mean:

  1. White Hat: When you think of white, think of neutral. Dr. De Bono has categorized information as a neutral subject.
  2. Red Hat: When you think of red, think of fire and passion. Wearing this hat means that people will show their emotions on a subject, their gut feelings.
  3. Black Hat: When you think of black, think of negative, or caution. The black hat is for critical judgment. It points out what cannot be done.
  4. Yellow Hat: When you think of yellow, think of the sun and sunny, positive thoughts. The yellow hat role is for discussing only the positive view of problems and solution possibilities.
  5. Green Hat: When you think of green, think of plants and growth. The green hat is for new ideas, for creativity, for new alternative solutions.
  6. Blue Hat: When you think of blue, think of the sky and an overview. The blue hat is the hardest one to understand. It deals with controlling the thinking process. The blue hat is often “given” to one person, who controls what hat will be “worn”, hence controlling the type of thinking being used.

debono six thinking hats powerpoint template

Alternatively you can download other free creative thinking and problem solving PowerPoint templates for corporate usage and education purposes. Free Creative Problem Solving with Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint template is a free design template containing eight unique slide designs with six hat approach and model.

six hats icons free shapes for PowerPoint

The free template for Microsoft PowerPoint also contains one unique slide with the 6 hats icons and vectors that you can use to make presentations with customized six hats. Or you can opt to download other free beautiful PowerPoint templates including PPT slide designs, abstract PowerPoint templates as well as new PowerPoint templates for MS Office 2013 for free.


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