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Pyramid of Goals PowerPoint Template

Pyramid of Goals PowerPoint Template



Pyramid of Goals PowerPoint Diagram is a free business diagram that you can use in your PowerPoint presentations as an individual slide. This free pyramid of goals can be used to describe the goals within your organization from the strategical planning, then the tactical planning and operational planning.

The goal pyramid template for presentations has three levels and editable placeholders. The pyramid is intended to be used for presentations on strategic planning, tactical planning or operational planning. Each of the levels can be edited with your primary goals, the sub-goals and then steps and activities.

The colors are editable so you can change the colors for each of the level and create a sequence describing what is on each step.

Example of black pyramid shape for PowerPoint presentations - Free Pyramid PowerPoint template

This is a 2D pyramid shape and pyramid template for PowerPoint but if you need a 3D design then you can download free 3D geometric shapes with different 3D objects and shapes to use in your presentations. The placeholders include the following:

  • strategic planning
  • tactical planning
  • operational planning

The planning pyramid template can be used to prepare presentations on planning and strategy, but you can also replace the goals and sub-goals placeholders to match any other presentation need.

Alternatively, you can download the pyramid of greatness template to prepare presentations on personal achievement.


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