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Product Adoption Curve PowerPoint Template

Product Adoption Curve PowerPoint Template



Product Adoption Curve PowerPoint Template is a free diagram and chart for PowerPoint presentations that you can download as a PPT template to make presentations on product development topics as well as other presentations on product adoption and business development.

new product adoption model

Free product adoption PowerPoint template is a curve design diagram ready to be used in your presentations. You can download and copy and paste this product adoption diagram for PowerPoint. There are many other models based on this product adoption curve for example the technology adoption lifecycle model.

The slide design contains a nice diagram and product adoption model representation where you can find space for the different type of new product adoption styles, including:

  • Innovators
  • Early adopters
  • Early Majority
  • Late majority
  • Laggards

This classification can also be made in the following order: Tech Enthusiasts, Visionaries, Pragmatists, Conservatives and Skeptics.  Alternatively you can also consider to use the diffusion model.

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