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Plan Do Check Act PowerPoint Template

Plan Do Check Act PowerPoint Template



Free Plan Do Check Act PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template with a ready-made Plan Do Check Act diagram ready to be used in your PowerPoint presentations or business slide designs. You can download free PDCA diagram for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Free Deming Cycle uses a cycle diagram to produce a nice PDCA cycle in PowerPoint slide design. Alternatively you can download other free quality management PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for presentations or free PowerPoint templates and slide designs.

PDCA can be used as a problem solving approach and it is coined to Dr. W. Edwards Deming. When it is implemented correctly the approach can reduce non-conformances from re-occurring difficult to resolve issues. This free PDCA template is designed with tested problem solving methodologies with planned monitoring activities.

Free Plan Do Check Act Template for PowerPoint presentations

You can use the PDCA methodology and PDCA diagram for PowerPoint presentations for:

  • Presentations on problem solving and describe problem solving process in PowerPoint
  • Daily routine management for the individual or teams
  • Project management tasks
  • Process trials
  • Continuous development processes
  • Vendor development and sales presentations
  • Human resources development and career PowerPoint presentations
  • New product development

Additionally, the PDCA template can also be used in Quality Assurance plans or as a free PowerPoint template for Total Quality Management presentations.


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