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OAR Model Organizational Learning PowerPoint Template

OAR Model Organizational Learning PowerPoint Template



The OAR Model is an organizational learning model that you can use in combination of the Objectives, Activities, Resources (OAR) concepts and provides a solid analysis foundation.

Based on the detailed description about OAR model from this blog, we have created this OAR model diagram for PowerPoint so you can create presentations in PowerPoint to describe the model or use it in real applications.

The OAR model is an Instructional Design model created for a specific context: distance education courses delivered through a LMS (Learning Management System) in higher education.

You can use the OAR model as a visual tool to represent the components of a SME-F (Subject-Matter Expert facilitated) online courses in higher education, and their relationship to each other.

oam model venn diagram for powerpoint presentations

As in the figure above, when you download this free OAR model PowerPoint template you will find a single slide design with an original OAR model diagram created with a Venn Diagram template plus a regular shape (trapezoid). Using the sum formula metaphor we are able to show the results as a combination of OAM (Observer, Body, Language and Emotion) plus Action.

The original development of OAR model wanted to meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a strict focus on our particular learning system context
  • Create a simple graphic-based aid which facilitates communication among design stakeholders
  • Remain inclusive by avoiding the use of jargon
  • Represent the basic order of operations in our ID (Instructional Design) process.

You can also combine these concepts into a more advanced framework with other concepts like  Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE model).  The OAR model provides a solid analysis foundation for a class to be built on and incorporates the other four areas of the ADDIE model.


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