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Marketing Plan Template Background for PowerPoint

Marketing Plan Template Background for PowerPoint



Free Marketing Plan Template for PowerPoint is a simple marketing plan PowerPoint presentation template for Marketing presentations with very useful slide designs. This free PowerPoint background or slide template can be used for Marketing presentations as well as other marketing plan slides to present a Marketing Plan and includes common marketing topics like challenges, timelines, executive summary of your marketing plan, and diagrams like the 4P Marketing Mix or Competitors Analysis. There are some other useful slides like the world map illustration in PowerPoint for Market Segmentation strategy or Global reach.

This timeline design created with a road illustration and milestones can be used to decorate your timelines in PowerPoint and include information for each of the quarters. You can also include a common goal and milestones.

This Marketing template for PowerPoint is a good option if you are looking for free backgrounds for Marketing presentations.

The executive summary slide is also prepared to support 4 points and can be used as an Agenda slide design instead to organize your presentation by chapters or topics.

The challenges slide is very useful to describe the common challenges in your plan.

SWOT Analysis slide design included in this free Marketing Plan PowerPoint template can be used to describe your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your presentation.

This is a world map slide design where you can include information about your marketing global reach and market segmentation.

The last questions slide can be used to ask questions to the audience or prepare questions beforehand. It contains space up to three questions but you can easily add more questions or remove unused questions from the PowerPoint slide.


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