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Chore Chart Template for PowerPoint

Chore Chart Template for PowerPoint



A chore chart is used to track and organize the house work. It can be used by parents to post chores or every day routine tasks expected for children but also can be used by teachers and educators to list chores expected to be completed by students and kids in the school. The free Chore Chart Template for PowerPoint is a simple template design that allows you to create a practical weekly chore chart list in Microsoft Office.


The free design contains a weekly chore chart template compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. This weekly schedule template includes text placeholders and post-it shapes.

There is a huge list of possible tasks to use in the chore task template. In a category of everyday routine tasks we can include:

  • Making the bed
  • Gathering dirty laundry
  • Take bath
  • Going to bed
  • Clean room
  • etc.

The chart can also be customized to include reward for chores. This is especially useful for parents  who want to give allowance and reward. In some situations, this could help to create financially sound adults and teach financial responsibility. Alternatively, you can download other free daily & weekly schedule templates for PowerPoint as well as compelling chore list slide designs and printable TODO Lists.


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